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If you are in the market for a brand new vehicle or just something to get from point A to point B in Austin, TX and you have bad credit or no credit, you know how difficult it can be to gain the confidence of lenders so that you can get a car financed for you. Without automobile financing, very few Americans would be able to afford vehicles at all. Unfortunately, for those with low credit scores, very few institutions out there are willing to lend the money it takes to purchase or finance a car or truck, which you need to get to work and school. Maybe you have made mistakes in your past, but now you are trying your hardest to succeed. Maybe you even have a young family to support, and your old clunker is not a reliable source of transportation anymore. Your bad credit rating has made more than one big Austin dealership turn you away with little more than a smug apology, and now you are unsure of what you can do to fix your situation. You need a vehicle, you have poor credit, and you need a solution now, before you really are up the creek without a paddle and no ride!

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Our Austin Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Network

Luckily, Local Buy Here Pay Here Austin is in place for those that want help and many others in your exact situation. We believe it is unfair to continue punishing good workers for credit mistakes long past and want to help them purchase an automobile and build positive credit at the same time. We use a method known as buy here pay here to make all of this possible for you and many others to get the vehicles you need. They give credit to automobile purchasers directly, rather than going through a banking institution, in order to give you access to buying options that would have come at exorbitant rates of interest from a regular dealership, or you might not have been able to get at all. Buy here pay here is therefore exactly what it sounds like. You simply go to one of our car dealerships that use this method and approve you and work with a representative or salesperson to find a vehicle that you can afford. You work directly with this dealership in Austin with no bank interference and make your payments to the people that sold you the vehicle you needed. This cuts out the middleman of making payments to a bank or other financial institution and puts keys into your hands.

Buy here pay here methodology rose out of the need for such services and kindness from those willing to set up such dealerships. In today’s hard economic times, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with rising costs when wages either remain the same, or get cut. Unemployment makes it that much harder. Let’s say you had a nice home and car before the recession and all of a sudden had your world turned upside down. Through no fault of your own, you were laid off from work, and your home and vehicle were repossessed. This is a sad truth for millions of Americans, who also took major blows to their credit all while losing everything they had. Austin Buy here pay here is a very popular option for purchasing a vehicle because of this very situation. It is very difficult to hold down a job without reliable transportation, and our buy here pay here dealers network aims to keep you on the road and get your credit afloat all at the same time while you make faithful payments on your hard-earned car. Buy here pay here has put the power back into the consumers hands and helps correct bad credit while refusing to punish those who have had it in the past.