Why Buy Rent to Own Cars?

rent to own cars - 2014-dartHave you ever thought of trying a company that offers rent to own cars? A rent to own cars company is a great idea for how to purchase your next car. There are many advantages to going with a rent to own cars company. One of the main advantages is that once you bring in a set of required paperwork items you can leave with the SUV, truck, or car of your choice. This is a great feature for anyone who has been through difficult times.

When you choose the rent to own cars option you can do so even if you have had previous financial difficulties. For example, if you have recently been divorced, or your credit is damaged, or you have an accumulation of medical bills that have not been paid, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or recently been laid off from work, you will be accepted.

For those of you who have suffered because of the recent economic downturn and maybe have lost a job due to layoffs, you can still rent a car to own it. This is very reassuring especially if you have had your vehicle repossessed and now require another vehicle for your new job. With the rent to own option you can choose your vehicle, make your monthly payments and eventually the car will be yours.

What To Bring When Getting A Rent To Own Car

Here is what you need to bring in to the rent to own office; You will need to produce a valid state driver’s license. You will have to produce something that shows that you have a verifiable income or proof that you are working. The third thing that you will require is proof of where you live. This can be done by producing a phone or electric bill in your name.

The fourth item that you will need to bring us is the down payment or if you have a vehicle to trade in. Finally you will need to provide five references of friends or relatives. These references will need to be complete with the following information. Their relationship to you, their complete name, their phone number, and their entire address. Once you have brought in all of these items and everything is approved with your in-house financing, you can select your vehicle that same day and drive it home.

On the website you can find all of the information that you require about this service. If you have questions you can contact us and we will have someone return your call with all of your answers. We are very easy to deal with and everything is honest and straightforward.

Some people may wonder how long the contracts are with rent to own cars. The answer to that question is normally 48 months. After 48 months of maintaining your payments the title of the vehicle will be turned over to you and you will now own the car. Another important consideration is what if I do not decide to keep the vehicle for the entire term?

There is no reason to keep the vehicle for the entire term and that is one of the features of our program. You can return the vehicle (trade it in) without penalty at any time or you can upgrade to a better vehicle. The decision is always yours, you are in control and if you decide to simply walk away, that will be fine. DISCLAIMER: Check with the dealer for full details and rules of contract.

At this point in time you may be wondering how much the monthly payment is. That will depend on which vehicle you choose. The majority of our vehicle payments range from $200 – $300 bi-weekly. One of the best features of this program is that your bi-weekly payment will be all-inclusive. This is unique in relation to the majority of car loans. With most buy here pay here dealers you never have to pay anything extra for sales tax or license plate fees. The only extra costs that will be your responsibility will be your car insurance.

Bottom line is that you should try rent to own cars to find yourself in a difficult financial situation but require a vehicle. Our dealers and lenders stand behind their product and their motto is to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Apply now and drive your new car home today!