Did You Know You Could Save Money with Used Cars?

save money with used carsYes, you could save money with used cars. While it feels amazing, sitting on brand new seats (with the plastic cover still on) and getting a whiff of that brand new car smell while you’re driving, nothing is more practical than getting a much cheaper used car.

Some of you might think, what is practical about getting a cheaper used car which turns out to be a lemon? You will be spending more in the end and think that you should have bought a brand new one instead.

That’s where being a smart car shopper comes in. And if you’re not sure how to be that, here are tips which could help you:

Do Your Research

If you want to save money with used cars, you will have to do this extensively. The great thing nowadays is that research can easily be accomplished online. Go through all the BHPH companies and used car lots in your vicinity. They will surely have a listing of the cars they are selling. You could also check out sites like eBay and Craigslist because there are numerous individuals selling their cars as well.

Make a Shortlist

Vendors usually post pertinent information about the cars they are selling such as the make, year it was manufactured and even photos of the actual vehicle. So start making a list of the possible cars you are thinking of getting.

If you really wish to save money with used cars, don’t stop with just looking at the price tag. You’ll have many dealers to choose from that want to approve you and then when you find the car you love, you can ask about the complete past history of the vehicle.

Bring an Expert Mechanic for the Look-See

Most sellers don’t usually divulge scrapes and scratches that the car had in the past. They should, of course, and include the maintenance work done such as oil changes or tire replacements. But some really won’t – especially when there have been considerable damage with the engine or in cases of past accidents. You should have them run a Carfax on the car to see if it’s been wrecked.

The way to save money with used cars is to bring a mechanic with you. A really good pro would be able to see if the car was re-painted, if a metal body part was replaced or just refurbished, and if the headlights are stock parts or if they are new ones.

Most importantly, he or she would know if the engine and everything else under the hood is running well – just by listening to it! He or she could also check the tires, under chassis and everything connected to that.

If you, too, are well-versed with cars, you don’t need a mechanic. If you’re not, bringing one is a must.

Learn to Negotiate

It’s a used car. Even if that was just released last year and it was repossessed by the bank or loaning agencies, it still is a used car. So never, ever settle for what’s in the price tag. You can still negotiate that and get a better price for it. And if you really want to save money with used cars, discuss the monthly payment terms as well and their in-house financing options.