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If you are thinking about getting a loan from a buy here pay here Tampa St. Petersburg car dealer, don’t take any actions before learning everything you should expect and get prepared for it with the help of this article.

First of all, let me explain you what a Buy-Here-Pay-Here car dealer actually is. In essence, it is a dealer who takes care of both the processes of selling you the car and financing the purchase. Usually, the loan to finance comes directly from the dealer, backed up by various financing companies. These dealers have the tendency to specialize in older used cars for users that don’t have so good a credit rating. The cars are slightly aged but clean and run well.

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A Tampa or St. Petersburg BHPH car dealer will most usually expect you to return to the dealership in order to pay for the loan – with the frequency on which you agree. Sometimes it’s once per month, or even once per week, depending on your contract. The important thing to note is that the dealers are expecting you to come personally and pay with cash – you’ll probably understand why. The credit users with poor rating usually can’t be trusted to pay by check or mail as they have the tendency to send checks that can’t be cashed or claim that the check is in the mail when actually, it pretty much is not.

If you decide to take up a loan from our Tampa buy here pay here car dealerships, you should understand that you are going to be limited to what is in the lot. This would be a pretty limited selection when you take a look at it. People don’t go to BHPH dealerships in Tampa to find the car of their dreams. They go to buy the car they can afford. This is why it’s usually a great choice to get the car inspected before you sign the contract.

The interest rates going at our key, local Tampa BHPH car dealerships are usually lower than anywhere else as we work with a large number of dealers that want to approve you today.


It’s also important to know that a few of the cars bought at BHPH auto dealerships come with installed tracking devices so dealers always know where you are in case you are late on your payment (a security measure), which some of the potential buyers find very uncomfortable and a complete deal breaker. It’s your choice. Check with the dealers here in Tampa St. Petersburg that approve you through us and see what they say. Every dealer is different and many are privately owned with a great track record of excellent service with their satisfied clients. The great thing about our system is that we get you approved by many and you can pick whom fits your needs the best!

It’s also important for you to realize that buy here pay here dealers are not a bad people or trying to scam anyone. They are simply a business owners and they need to take care of their business and profits. You must understand that they serve the market most people run away from (financial institutions, bad credit rating individuals) and they need to take the necessary security measures in order to survive as a business and protect their interests.

Always remember that when you visit buy here pay here dealerships you are not obligated under any circumstances to sign anything or buy a used car from any particular dealer.

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