Where Are The Top Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships?

Nowadays, it is easy to find great cars in top buy here pay here dealerships. While most of those companies sell second hand cars, some are already offering brand new ones. The question now is: which of those two is better?

There are numerous advantages of purchasing a brand new vehicle. Aside from the pride of owning something new, here are some of the more practical reasons in going for new cars:

No Maintenance To Worry About

Aside from the oil change and tune-up expenses, you would not need to worry about maintenance services and costs at all – for several thousand miles, at least. You’ll be driving that car for five years without worrying about something getting damaged and needing to be changed.

Top Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Warranty Coverage

If something breaks and need to be repaired, you would not have to shell out for anything. Top buy here pay here dealerships include warranty for three years or so for repairs of brand new vehicles. And this is usually from bumper to bumper.

Roadside Assistance

Another great benefit of buying a new car is that you can easily get help from the company’s roadside assistance in case the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Some will even provide a loaner car for you while your own car is still being fixed by their expert mechanic.

Before you get all excited and decide to get a brand new unit from top buy here pay here dealerships, read on and see what great things you can get from pre-owned vehicles:

It is Cheaper
There really is no need to expound on this. Second hand vehicles cost less than brand new ones so this is great for those who are working with a tight budget.

Not a Lot of Depreciation
Your car dealer won’t tell you this but do you know that brand new cars immediately depreciate by thousands of dollars as soon as you drive it out of the top buy here pay here dealerships? You would have no worries about that with a used one.

Lower Insurance Rates
Vehicular insurance rates depend on so many things: your credit rating, the current economy and the type of car you have. Brand new units usually have higher rates than second hand ones because financing agencies do not want to replace the car you just bought with a new unit because you dented it.

In the past, cars were considered as luxury items. Today, these are more of a ‘need’ than just a ‘want’. People need to drive so they can get from point A to point B faster, more conveniently and safely – there is no question about that.

There really are two things to take into consideration: your budget and your peace of mind.
So when you are shopping for a vehicle, make sure that you take note of those tips above and do a financial reality check. That way, you have already made up your mind as to which car you need to get from those top buy here pay here dealerships.